Is Dental Reconstruction Right For You?

Do you live with headaches, jaw pain, neck and shoulder pain, clicking of the jaw, or tinnitus (ringing in the ear)? You’re not alone. Many people suffer from discomfort on a daily basis, without knowing the root cause of the issue.

This kind of pain can occur as a result of several situations – an accident involving trauma to your head and neck, genetics, missing teeth, poor oral hygiene, or chipped, worn down or broken teeth.

Over time, improperly balanced daily forces on your jaw – chewing, grinding, and the like – can cause strain on the hard and soft tissues of your mouth, head, and neck. Dental reconstruction aims to correct, realign and balance these forces into a normal position through various means.

– Crowns

– Bridges

– Veneers

– Resin fillings

– Dental implants

– Extractions

– Orthodontics

Often, patients refer to dental reconstruction in order to restore their once young and vibrant smile. Overtime, unusual wear and tear of the teeth and jaw can change the appearance of your face and mouth.

If you find yourself suffering from the any of the above ailments, we would like to help. Reconstructive dentistry will boost your confidence and get you smiling once again!