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Advanced Dental Technology

Technology at Dentistry On 7

Sleep Apnea

Advanced Dental Technology

Oral Appliance

There are many sleeping disorders. The most common is sleep apnea.
Many people don’t know they have it and many more go undiagnosed or untreated.

Sleep Testing Machine

Matrx Plus

  • MATRx plus is the only validated home sleep test that predicts a therapeutic outcome with a custom-fitted oral appliance.

Oral Cancer Screening

Advanced Dental Technology

Valscope Oral Cancer Screening Machine

  • Non-invasive and only takes minutes.
  • Free screening for new patient examinations

Laser Dentistry

Advanced Dental Technology

Biolase Water Laser

  • The minimally invasive laser treatment
  • Less healthy tissue has to be removed
  • The new technology supported by clinical evidence and scientific research
  • Allows for comfortable dentistry work

Clear Aligners

Advanced Dental Technology


  • Invisible, removable aligners to correct teeth with no wires or brackets.
  • more comfortable option, less food trapping, and easy cleaning

Panoramic Xray Machine

Advanced Dental Technology


  • 3D volumetric images for revealing canal shapes and anatomies, as well as precise measurements for canal depths, widths and apicoectomy procedures
  • Precise positioning and comfortable patient stabilization 
  • Artifact reduced images with ASTRA for sharper, high-quality images with better contrast